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I am often amused when I go hunting in the craft/antique/collectible shops around me looking for any decent Breyer horses. Some people know absolutely nothing about Breyer horses except that it's OMG So Collectible! Which leads to such interesting finds as a traditional model that is head to tail body rubs sporting a price tag of $30.00. Ha, ha, ha....no.

Today I checked out this one place I go to every few months. Firtsly, I did find two that came home with me. The first one that caught my eye was a Little Bit black Saddlebred. She wasn't bad looking on this side. a couple of small marks, ear tip rub. You expect that from a model this old. The other side has some more significant rubbing. Well, okay. Still a very good body model and it still might be worth it to touch it up. check the price tag. $9.00. Ooo. a bit steep all things considered. I like her but I don't know if I like her that well! Next to her is an alabaster Family Arab foal. It has hoof rubs and a lot of rubbing on the tail. The price on this little one? $4.00. o.O
I brought them both home. I figure the Little bit is worth $4.00 easy and the FAF is definitely worth nine! And I just checked on Identify Your Breyer and this little one hasn't been made since the early 70s? Yeah. Worth possibly twice as much as what I paid!

The other thing about hunting for Breyers is the people who have no clue as to what a Breyer is. I also saw two black colts (buried in the back of a shelf) that I checked out. Both brittle plastic, poorly made, and labeled as Breyers. One of these days I'm going to remember to bring some sticky notes with me when I shop. When I find one of these poor Breyer wannabes (marked at about $15.00 each) I'm gonna leave a little sticky note on them that says: "Not a Breyer. Please research first."