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A good day shopping

Yesterday I decided to take a trip out to an antique store I seldom go to because it's a bit of a drive away from me. It's huge, though, and you can spend a couple of hours easy browsing all the stuff. Of course I'm out there looking for Model horses (what else?) and found some nice ones, really.
Maybe I'll have to re-think not going out there so often.
Anyway, I wound up getting three H-Rs (something else I really can't find in my city) and two Breyers. The first one that caught my eye was a Sham because it looked like he had the wheat ear mark on his chest, although it was hard to tell with him in the case behind some other models. I also picked up a running stock foal. I used to have several of them, but got rid of them back then many years ago.
Sham did indeed have the wheat ear on his chest although he didn't seem to have the white heel so I'm assuming he's one of the first ones released. I used to have one of these, too, but I don't think mine had the wheat ear. He only has a few minor rubs but he did have several black marks on both sides. the price wasn't bad so I brought both of them home.
Today I gave them both a nice soapy bath in the kitchen sink. Wonder of wonders, all the black marks came off Sham! He has only a very few rubs in the places models are most prone to get those, hoof, ears and nose, and he's got one on his right shoulder. Oh, and he does have the white heel although it's not so much "white" as just a spot of less black. No wonder I missed it the first time.
The action stock foal (which is a bay pinto, BTW) is also surprisingly clean. Again, minor rubs in the usual areas and one white mark on his right side. His white spots are very white, not yellowed, either.
All in all not a bad shopping trip when I hadn't even planned on going there originally.
So, anybody else found something really neat lately? I'd love to hear about other people's finds.



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Jun. 19th, 2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
The Salvation Army near me often gets Breyers, but they want $20 a pop for common and somewhat beat up horses, so no way, lol. I only buy them if they're a super cheap deal. Sounds like you found some cool horses!
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