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I am often amused when I go hunting in the craft/antique/collectible shops around me looking for any decent Breyer horses. Some people know absolutely nothing about Breyer horses except that it's OMG So Collectible! Which leads to such interesting finds as a traditional model that is head to tail body rubs sporting a price tag of $30.00. Ha, ha, ha....no.

Today I checked out this one place I go to every few months. Firtsly, I did find two that came home with me. The first one that caught my eye was a Little Bit black Saddlebred. She wasn't bad looking on this side. a couple of small marks, ear tip rub. You expect that from a model this old. The other side has some more significant rubbing. Well, okay. Still a very good body model and it still might be worth it to touch it up. check the price tag. $9.00. Ooo. a bit steep all things considered. I like her but I don't know if I like her that well! Next to her is an alabaster Family Arab foal. It has hoof rubs and a lot of rubbing on the tail. The price on this little one? $4.00. o.O
I brought them both home. I figure the Little bit is worth $4.00 easy and the FAF is definitely worth nine! And I just checked on Identify Your Breyer and this little one hasn't been made since the early 70s? Yeah. Worth possibly twice as much as what I paid!

The other thing about hunting for Breyers is the people who have no clue as to what a Breyer is. I also saw two black colts (buried in the back of a shelf) that I checked out. Both brittle plastic, poorly made, and labeled as Breyers. One of these days I'm going to remember to bring some sticky notes with me when I shop. When I find one of these poor Breyer wannabes (marked at about $15.00 each) I'm gonna leave a little sticky note on them that says: "Not a Breyer. Please research first."

Too many horses in my herd

...And I'm moving, so some of the ponies need a new home.

Looking to sell:
Five-Gaiters (Rhett, Firefly, Moonshadow)
Saddlebred Weanlings (Kentuckiana and a Palomino)
Hackney Ponies (4 different ones)
Bunch of Stablemates (white Arabian; bay Paso Fino; roan Standardbred; 4-pack with black shire, grey Arabian, pinto Saddlebred, Bbay Thoroughbred)

All in excellent, near mint condition. Contact me for pictures and prices. Thanks!

First Post - Enjoying the Snow

Hey everyone!

I'm Hari, 23 and from the UK. While model horse collecting is nothing new in my life (started with My Little Ponies, graduated to My Beautiful Horses, followed by Grand Champions), Breyers are a new love. I have a Majestad figure somewhere in my house, and a Black Horse model, whose name I'm not 100% on, as well as one of the butterfly horses, but my collection is packaged away somewhere, so I need to track them down!

I won this gorgeous Classic Scale Arabian figure on eBay recently, and with the snow blanketing the UK, I couldn't resist papping a few shots of Prince enjoying the snow. They were taken on my phone, so I'm impressed with how well they came out.

Pictures under the cut1Collapse )

Thanks for reading! ^.^


Weather Girl UPC

I have a Weather Girl, Partly Cloudy, UPC that I would be willling to give to someone. Anyone interested?
All I'm asking for is a self-addressed stamped envelope to send if off in.
First come, first served.
Long introductory post is going to be long; I apologize in advance. I've been a member of this community for a while but I've never participated because I stopped collecting for several years. That all changed about a year ago.

I've been collecting Breyers for well over 30 years, off and on, mostly the traditional size. Unfortunately most of my collection is sitting in boxes in the basement, to the point where I really can't remember which models I have anymore. I had well over a hundred by the time I moved and they had to be boxed up. I always collected the traditional size because they were the only ones at the time that had tack and accessories and riders, but they're so big I have nowhere to display them where I'm currently living, so like I said, I sort of got out of the habit of collecting.

About a year ago though I was at Target with one of my kids and I saw the stablemates Little Red Stable. I was flabbergasted - Breyer was making cool stuff for the stablemates now? When I was a kid, there was a very limited number of stablemates to be had, most of them were some shade of brown, and there was absolutely nothing in the way of accessories. Well you can bet I bought that stable set - and then I scoured other stores looking for more. New molds and models? Colors other than brown? Tack? Accessories? Playsets? RIDERS? For stablemates? Thanks to eBay, Golden Oak Stables, HWC, and several other online stores that I can't even remember right now, my wallet has taken a beating over the past year. I've been so excited about my finds, and now I have so many, that displaying is not becoming an option but an imperative. My husband is even getting into the fun by suggesting that instead of just displaying them, we should clear out some room in the basement to create a large-scale diorama. He wants to model it after the train set layouts - he even wants to incorporate a model train into the display. Neither of us have any experience with this sort of thing, but I'm looking forward to trying. I've even found someone on eBay who sells 1:32 scale diorama accessories - and that is a very difficult scale to find, as I've discovered.

Er. I did say this would ramble on, sorry. Long story short, I've fallen madly in love with stablemates, and I'm really happy that I have found a place on LJ where I can share that love with like-minded people.

Hello, everyone!

Looking for info on Odessey

Hello, this is my first post to this community but  I was looking through my collection that I have stored in my house and I came across my Odessey Breyer. The only information I have about this model is that its pretty rare, only 2,500 made apparently. Does anyone know the value of this model or perhaps have any more info they could provide me? I found various other rare models that I forgot I had but this in the only one I can't find much info on.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A good day shopping

Yesterday I decided to take a trip out to an antique store I seldom go to because it's a bit of a drive away from me. It's huge, though, and you can spend a couple of hours easy browsing all the stuff. Of course I'm out there looking for Model horses (what else?) and found some nice ones, really.
Maybe I'll have to re-think not going out there so often.
Anyway, I wound up getting three H-Rs (something else I really can't find in my city) and two Breyers. The first one that caught my eye was a Sham because it looked like he had the wheat ear mark on his chest, although it was hard to tell with him in the case behind some other models. I also picked up a running stock foal. I used to have several of them, but got rid of them back then many years ago.
Sham did indeed have the wheat ear on his chest although he didn't seem to have the white heel so I'm assuming he's one of the first ones released. I used to have one of these, too, but I don't think mine had the wheat ear. He only has a few minor rubs but he did have several black marks on both sides. the price wasn't bad so I brought both of them home.
Today I gave them both a nice soapy bath in the kitchen sink. Wonder of wonders, all the black marks came off Sham! He has only a very few rubs in the places models are most prone to get those, hoof, ears and nose, and he's got one on his right shoulder. Oh, and he does have the white heel although it's not so much "white" as just a spot of less black. No wonder I missed it the first time.
The action stock foal (which is a bay pinto, BTW) is also surprisingly clean. Again, minor rubs in the usual areas and one white mark on his right side. His white spots are very white, not yellowed, either.
All in all not a bad shopping trip when I hadn't even planned on going there originally.
So, anybody else found something really neat lately? I'd love to hear about other people's finds.


Weather Girl?

Hey Everyone-

Out of curiosity, has anyone picked up any of the weather girl models yet?

I am trying to figure out if I should try to grab a particular one off ebay, or roll the dice and see which one I get from Breyer. I am hoping someone has actually seen them in person and can give me an opinion as to which one they liked best.

For what it's worth, I'm leaning ever so slightly towards thunderstorm... though I could be swayed.

Opinions please!

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